MLB win totals update: 13 bets cashed, 17 undecided before final 3 weeks

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With just under 20 games left in the MLB season, 13 of 30 teams have already cashed their preseason win totals. That still leaves 17 squads with fates hanging in the balance over the final few weeks.

We've tracked all 30 preseason win totals so you know which ones to cash, watch, or sweat over the final few weeks of the season.

Cash it


Team Record Win total
San Francisco Giants 95-50 75.5
Tampa Bay Rays 90-55 85.5
Milwaukee Brewers 89-56 82.5
Boston Red Sox 82-65 80.5
Seattle Mariners 78-67 72.5
Detroit Tigers 69-76 68.5
Colorado Rockies 67-78 63.5

The Giants, Rays, and Brewers have been locks to go over for weeks, as they're all at or near a 100-win pace. It's a similar story for the Red Sox and Mariners, who were priced as below .500 squads, but they should clear that mark with ease.

The big surprises are the Tigers and Rockies, who cashed within the last week despite producing losing records.


Team Record Win total
San Diego Padres 74-70 94.5
New York Mets 72-74 90.5
Minnesota Twins 64-82 88.5
Washington Nationals 60-85 84.5
Arizona Diamondbacks 47-98 74.5
Baltimore Orioles 46-98 64.5

At their current pace, it would take a 230-game season for the Diamondbacks to hit the over, as the club is 27.5 games short of its preseason win total with 17 contests remaining.

They're the biggest dud from an underwhelming group that's posted a combined 363-507 record (41.7%) this season - which includes three teams that entered the year with top-seven win totals (Padres, Mets, and Twins).

Watch it

Team Record Win total
Houston Astros 84-60 87.5
Chicago White Sox 83-61 90.5
Toronto Blue Jays 81-64 86.5
New York Yankees 81-64 95.5
Atlanta Braves 76-67 91.5
Cincinnati Reds 75-70 81.5
Los Angeles Angels 70-74 83.5
Cleveland Indians 70-73 81.5
Chicago Cubs 66-79 78.5
Miami Marlins 61-84 71.5
Texas Rangers 54-90 66.5

In theory, all 11 of these bets could go either way, though it would take an unlikely finish to reverse the probable outcomes.

The winning percentage of the Astros, White Sox, Blue Jays, and Reds would need to dip by at least 13 points for those teams to fall short of cashing the over. Conversely, the Angels, Indians, Cubs, Marlins, and Rangers would all need to win at least 60% of their remaining games after posting losing records over their first 145 matchups.

As for the Yankees and Braves, it'll be tough for either squad to exceed lofty preseason win totals. New York would need to take 15 of its final 17 games to cash the over, while Atlanta has to win 16 of its last 19. Either outcome is possible, but under bettors shouldn't sweat those two wagers.

Sweat it

Team Record Win total
Los Angeles Dodgers 93-53 102.5
Oakland Athletics 77-67 86.5
St. Louis Cardinals 75-69 86.5
Philadelphia Phillies 72-72 80.5
Kansas City Royals 66-78 73.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 53-91 59.5

Los Angeles Dodgers (93-53, 102.5)

Not only are the Dodgers locked in a tight battle for the NL West crown, but the fate of their gaudy preseason win total could be decided over the final few games of the season.

Los Angeles has won 63.7% of its games this year, and the Dodgers need to win 62.5% of their final contests to reward those who bought high this past spring.

Oakland Athletics (77-67, 86.5)

Which version of the Athletics will we see down the stretch? Oakland went 12-3 from July 28 to Aug. 14, but the team has gone just 9-18 since to fall 3.5 games back in the AL wild-card race.

A winning record over the Athletics' final 18 games would be enough to cash the over. Anything worse is a boon for under bettors.

St. Louis Cardinals (75-69, 86.5)

This could have easily been a "watch it" bet, as the Cardinals still need to win 12 of their final 18 games to cash the over. However, there's an opportunity for the club to reach the over with the way it's playing.

St. Louis has won six of its last seven games to slide into the second NL wild-card spot, which should keep this group motivated until the final day of the campaign.

Philadelphia Phillies (72-72, 80.5)

The Phillies are three games out of the final NL wild-card spot and 4.5 games back of the NL East lead, and they're on pace to win 81 games. That's the good news for over bettors.

The bad news? A 4-12 record in September that could lead to a photo finish for under bettors.

Kansas City Royals (66-78, 73.5)

This would be an easier call if the Royals were playing for anything, but they're still on pace for 74 wins after taking four of their last five games and six of nine since Sept. 5.

It helps that Kansas City gets one of MLB's easiest remaining schedules, with the Royals' final 13 games coming against the Indians, Tigers, and Twins.

Pittsburgh Pirates (53-91, 59.5)

The Pirates entered the year with MLB's lowest win total, and they'll force bettors to sweat it out until the final days of the season. Pittsburgh has won a meager 36.8% of its games and needs to earn victories in seven of its final 18 contests (38.9%) to reach this lowly preseason number.

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MLB win totals update: 13 bets cashed, 17 undecided before final 3 weeks
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