NBA teams celebrate solar eclipse by taking aim at Suns on Twitter

Brian Babineau / National Basketball Association / Getty

It's a big day for the actual sun and some NBA teams are doing Solar Eclipse 2017 justice by collectively respecting some great blocks. It's especially great when these clubs are paying tribute to the Phoenix Suns.

Bonus points to any teams who made fun of the Suns, only to find themselves blocked on Twitter.

Atlanta Hawks on Twitter

In honor of the sun being blocked today, here are our best blocks against the @Suns over the past few years! ☀️🌑😎 #SolarEclipse2017

Timberwolves on Twitter

Here's how @KarlTowns blocks the Sun. #SolarEclipse2017

Phoenix Suns on Twitter

When the Suns block back 😏 #SolarEclipse17