Look what Kobe started: Rodgers, Favre join exam-canceling Twitter trend

Jerry Lai / USA TODAY Sports

Every student in America just found their new "get out of class free" card.

After Kobe Bryant obliged a student who convinced his teacher to cancel a final exam if the retired hoops star retweeted the request, several current and former NFL players have been called upon for similar aid.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was asked to help cancel a "sports lit" final, and promptly complied.

Rodgers' predecessor, Brett Favre, got a request about an American history exam request. He too decided to use his typing fingers to make the test disappear, though didn't offer a comment.

New York Giants defensive tackle Damon Harrison hit the retweet button to cancel some lucky Spanish students' final.

It won't take long for teachers to catch on to how easy it is for a pro athlete to click a button on Twitter, so get your requests in quick, kids.