NFL Power Rankings - Week 2: Packers knock Pats from top spot, Seahawks slide
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The NFL Power Rankings are selected by a panel of theScore's NFL Editors, including Jack Browne, Michael McClymont, Mitch Sanderson, and Arun Srinivasan.

1. Green Bay Packers

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
1st 4th 1st 4th

Previous Rank: 5th

The Packers' defense has teased us before, but its shutdown of Russell Wilson and Co. should have Aaron Rodgers giddy. - Browne

2. New England Patriots

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
3rd 2nd 3rd 2nd

Previous Rank: 1st

It's far too early to write the Patriots off but they looked far from their dominant form during Thursday's shocking loss. Which likely means Bill Belichick has a new unstoppable scheme up his sleeve. - Srinivasan

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
7th 1st 4th 1st

Previous Rank: 2nd

It's been literally years since we saw Brown, Bell, Bryant, and Big Ben on the field together, and they fell far short of the hype. The talent is there, but the Steelers can't keep playing down to their opponents. - Browne

4. Kansas City Chiefs

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
4th 5th 2nd 7th

Previous Rank: 9th

The Chiefs vaulted up the standings due to their rousing defeat of the defending champions. It was a complete performance from K.C. and a warning shot to the rest of the league - McClymont

5. Atlanta Falcons

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
8th 3rd 5th 5th

Previous Rank: 3rd

The Super Bowl hangover kicked in early with the Bears coming within a caught pass of knocking off Atlanta. But the Falcons are still 1-0 as they continue to adjust to offseason changes. - Sanderson

6. Oakland Raiders

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
5th 6th 7th 3rd

Previous Rank: 6th

Oakland survived a Week 1 test on the road. The defense bent but did not break and now must build on the performance. - McClymont

7. Dallas Cowboys

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
2nd 8th 6th 6th

Previous Rank: 8th

Ezekiel Elliott's suspension was placed on hold and the All-Pro running back looked every bit as prolific as he was during his tour-de-force rookie season. - Srinivasan

8. Seattle Seahawks

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
6th 7th 8th 8th

Previous Rank: 4th

There's no shame in losing to the Packers at Lambeau, but the Seahawks couldn't muster much offense in a winnable game. - McClymont

9. Denver Broncos

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
9th 9th 9th 9th

Previous Rank: 11th

Year 2 of the Trevor Siemian era got off to a strong start. The Broncos' defense would be very happy with 24 points from the offense every week. - McClymont

10. New York Giants

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
11th 11th 11th 10th

Previous Rank: 7th

The Giants looked positively lost without Odell Beckham Jr., so here's to a quick recovery from an ankle injury that sidelined him during the opener. - Srinivasan

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
10th 13th 13th 12th

Previous Rank: 13th

The debut of DeSean Jackson in Tampa was delayed a week due to reasons bigger than football. Jameis Winston and Co. will be chomping at the bit to put up points against the Bears. - Sanderson

12. Detroit Lions

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
13th 10th 12th 15th

Previous Rank: 16th

The Giants, Falcons, Vikings, and Panthers await. It's a killer stretch that should determine whether Detroit is a contender or not. - Browne

13. Tennessee Titans

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan 
14th 14th 10th 16th

Previous Rank: 12th

The Titans abandoned their run-first model, letting Marcus Mariota make 41 pass attempts. Jacksonville's dominant-looking defense will be a tougher test in Week 2. - Sanderson

14. Carolina Panthers

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
15th 15th 15th 11th

Previous Rank: 15th

The re-tooled Panthers didn't have an explosive breakout performance in San Francisco but the defense looked vastly improved, keeping the 49ers to just three points. - Sanderson

15. Baltimore Ravens

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
12th 18th 17th 14th

Previous Rank: 17th

Despite the win, the Ravens can't keep losing key players at this rate and still make a playoff push. Danny Woodhead looked set for a massive role before going down for four-to-six weeks. - Browne

16. Arizona Cardinals

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
17th 19th 19th 13th

Previous Rank: 10th

The year could not have gotten off to a worse start. David Johnson might be gone till December, and the team's playoff hopes might have left with him. - McClymont

17. Minnesota Vikings

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
16th 17th 16th 19th

Previous Rank: 23rd

Let's not get too carried away with Sam Bradford's destruction of a poor Saints pass defense. Still, he looks better than he ever has - with a big assist from the unbelievably underrated Stefon Diggs. - Browne

18. Philadelphia Eagles

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
18th 21st 14th 17th

Previous Rank: 20th

Carson Wentz seems intent on fooling us all again, putting together a stellar performance against the Redskins. Will this version of Wentz last for 15 more games? Time will only tell. - Srinivasan

19. Miami Dolphins

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
24th 12th 22nd 18th

Previous Rank: 19th

Jay Cutler's debut has been delayed by a week as the Dolphins anxiously await what they have in store, against a talented Chargers front seven. - Srinivasan

20. Houston Texans

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
19th 16th 24th 20th

Previous Rank: 14th

Whatever the game plan was in Week 1 - it didn't work. Why delay the inevitable at this point? Start the rookie. - Sanderson

21. Los Angeles Chargers

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
20th 20th 18th 22nd

Previous Rank: 21st

The talented Chargers begin the year last in the division and return home for Week 2 to a rested Dolphins team that has been waiting for them in L.A. - McClymont

22. Jacksonville Jaguars

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
23rd 22nd 20th 21st

Previous Rank: 26th

Leonard Fournette looks legit and the defense appears unstoppable. It could be tough to keep winning games with only 125 passing yards, but the blue print has been laid. - Sanderson

23. New Orleans Saints

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
21st 23rd 23rd 24th

Previous Rank: 18th

The Saints' offseason moves clearly set their sights on a return to the playoffs. Monday night's demoralizing performance in Minnesota has quickly sobered those expectations back to another likely 7-9 finish. - Sanderson

24. Washington Redskins

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
22nd 26th 25ht 23rd

Previous Rank: 24th

Kirk Cousins needs to be much better for the Redskins to feel better about the upcoming game of contract roulette set to take place this summer. - Srinivasan

25. Los Angeles Rams

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
26th 27th 21st 25th

Previous Rank: 30th

Sean McVay might be the offensive genius he was touted as if he can get 300-yard performances out of Jared Goff. He'll be motivated to stick it to his old team in Week 2 and could have the Rams at a surprising 2-0 in the process. - McClymont

26. Buffalo Bills

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
25th 25th 29th 27th

Previous Rank: 28th

Buffalo stuck to its run-heavy offense against New York and it worked to great effect, but it's important not to overvalue a victory over the moribund Jets. - Srinivasan

27. Cleveland Browns

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
27th 29th 26th 26th

Previous Rank: 28th

Playing the Steelers relatively close and DeShone Kizer flashing potential is a win for the Browns, though the actual wins will need to happen sooner rather than later. - Browne

28. Cincinnati Bengals

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
28th 24th 28th 29th

Previous Rank: 25th

Dear Kevin Zeitler and Andrew Whitworth, please come back, I miss you more than you could ever know. With all my love, Andy Dalton. - Browne

29. Chicago Bears

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
29th 31st 27th 30th

Previous Rank: 31st

Tarik Cohen will make the Bears' offense watchable this season, but Chicago won't have many more chances to snatch victory like it did in the dying moments against Atlanta. - Browne

30. Indianapolis Colts

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
30th 28th 30th 31st

Previous Rank: 22nd

How a franchise can rely so heavily on two players over a 20-year period is incredible. Every practice and game Andrew Luck misses lowers Chuck Pagano's chances of making it to the end of the season. - Sanderson

31. San Francisco 49ers

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
31st 30th 31st 28th

Previous Rank: 29th

This was always going to take time. The 49ers need to focus on small victories, like scoring a touchdown next week on the road in Seattle. - McClymont

32. New York Jets

Browne McClymont Sanderson Srinivasan
32nd 32nd 32nd 32nd

Previous Rank: 32nd

The Bills were one of the few winnable games on the schedule. Buckle in for a long season. - Srinivasan

NFL Power Rankings - Week 2: Packers knock Pats from top spot, Seahawks slide
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