Pete Carroll wants NFL to stop using or decrease instant replay
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Pete Carroll is the NFL's oldest head coach, and like some his age, he's tired of the ever-increasing use of technology.

In a 25-man poll Peter King of NBC Sports conducted asking executives, media members, and players the one thing they would change about football, the Seattle Seahawks head coach pushed for ending the use of instant replay.

"Get rid of - or at least decrease the use of - instant replay," Carroll said.

"I get all the reasons why we have instant replay, and technology has opened up a new world for us to get to this point," he continued. "But I miss the human element of trusting the officials to make the calls in the moment and then the rest of us having to live with what they called. It was both fun and frustrating, but I really liked the game better when the officials were just as much a part of the game as the players."

Others expressed starkly different views on the NFL's replay use. Former NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino suggested allowing every play to be challenged while expanding the replay system, and ESPN's Sal Paolantonio wants audiences to hear the officials' deliberations on the field and in New York, making the process more transparent.

In response to the NFC Championship Game controversy in January, the league passed a new rule this offseason that makes pass interference calls and non-calls reviewable starting in 2019.

All but one team approved expanding replay, signaling that the league is, unfortunately for Carroll, ready to further integrate technology into the fabric of the game.

Pete Carroll wants NFL to stop using or decrease instant replay
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