VIDEO: Alex Ovechkin skates through Russian streets in strange Nike commercial

Thomas Drance

Washington Capitals star forward Alexander Ovechkin stars in a new Nike commercial that fits comfortably into the "magical realism" genre. It's pretty great, but also exceptionally strange.

The scene opens with Ovechkin, wearing his national team jersey, skating through a frozen urban tundra while low-bridging anonymous hockey players who promptly explode tens of feet into the air. Then the action cuts to a figure skater, a skateboarder, a long jumper practicing on a frozen ice surface (what? why?), an iron man participant, a snowmobile rider and a cameo appearance from Paul MacLean (not really, but the ad does feature a walrus).

Finally, the commercial finishes off with Ovechkin's trademark toothless grin. It's a lot to handle, of course, which makes this particular commercial an absolute must watch: