GIF: Tinfoil fish mask features in weirdest shootout attempt ever from KHL skills competition

Thomas Drance

On Saturday evening in Bratislava (which equates to Saturday morning in the Eastern time zone), the Kontinental Hockey league held their annual all-star game festivities. 

The structure of the "Master Show Super Skills Competition" event, which takes place ahead of the game itself, would be familiar to NHL fans. There's a hardest shot competition, a shooting accuracy competition, a speed relay and a shootout-type event. The only difference really is that the KHL's version is many degrees stranger.

Take, for example, Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk winger Yegor Milovzorov's fish-head puck-in-mouth goal:


That is definitely a thing that happened. In the absence of a 114 mph slap-shot "world record," it would appear the KHL all-star game required something even fishier this season.