The golf ball prank that Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley ...
Shaq isn't holding anything back...
Shaq wonders how Chuck can read greens 😆
Chuck + Shot Tracer = 😂
Chuck hits 1st shank of the day 😬
Charles Barkley is ready to call it before the turn. 🤣
Barkley calls for 'Law & Order' reruns 🤣
"Don't let it backfire." 🤣 Phil and Charles with the utmos...
Mickelson says 'it's good' 😂
Peyton Manning almost completed this Hail Mary from the fair...
Peyton nearly jugs it for eagle 🤯
Charles Barkley got himself a golf swing!!!
🚨 Barkley hits 1st fairway! 🚨
Until...Friday #TheMatch
Phil thinks Charles will 'shock the world' 😂
WHAT A SHOT. 😱 @therealstrebber nailed his approach on the...
Streb hits shot of tournament to secure victory 🤯 🏆
A birdie bid for @K_Kisner. A par save for @therealstrebber...
No damage on 1st playoff hole